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Grumello Castle, sentinel of the valley’s panorama

Vista sul Castel Grumello
Grumello Castle offers and incredible view, pride of the valley, on Sondrio and the valley bottom. The name...


Sassella 2012 [12 bottles, 37,5 cl]

DenominationValtellina Superiore DOCG
Vine VarietyNebbiolo
Alcohol Content13% vol.
Fining18 months in oak barrels
Good to drinkNow until 2022

Bresaola with arugula and melon

Bresaola rucola e melone
Bresaola is one of the utmost flavours of Valtellina. This typical cold cut is made using exclusively...

Pizzoccheri bolognesi

Pizzoccheri bolognesi
A twist on the original pizzoccheri recipe to add some variety to the local typicality. We wanted to...

Sassella flavoured Braised Meat

One of the excellent main dishes of Valtellina cuisine ideal for cold weathers. A strong flavour...

The Inferno Road

The Inferno Road is the fourth stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road. The routes of the Wine...

Bresaola canapés with Bitto mousse

These sandwiches with bresaola and Bitto mousse are quick and easy to make, but they...
Pizzoccheri e castagne, tutto il gusto dell'autunno

Pizzoccheri and chestnuts

This recipe is a little different from the traditional one but still uses typical ingredients...

The Grumello Road

The Grumello road is the third stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road. The routes of the Wine Road...