7 C

Grappa Rustica [6 bottles, 500 ml]

Alcohol Content43% vol.
chocolate and Bombardino prallines

White chocolate and Bombardino pralines mono bool [150 pralines bool]

Type tris of White Chocolate Pralines and Bombardino with counter display
Ingredients Pralines with white chocolate (55%) and filled with Bombardino Schenatti (45%). Ingredients: White chocolate at 34-36% (sugar, cocoa butter, powdered milk *, powdered whey powder * Emulsifier: soy lecithin *, vanilla extract Fillet with egg and rum: whole milk Fresh *, sugar, rum (17% volume), fresh egg yolks * (min 12%), aromas * Allergens, may contain traces of dried nuts.


Fat bike in Valtellina

Have you already tried the Fat bike? These bikes, decidedly very different from classic bikes, are seen...


Il miele di melata dell'apicoltura Onetti P.

Honeydew Honey [20 Jares, 50 gr]

Honeydew Honey
Taste: strong, vegetal fresh, slightly bitter caramelized sugar. Properties: recommended for flu conditions, appreciated by athletes and the elderly, rich in mineral salts is believed to be an excellent antiseptic for lungs and the respiratory tract.

Farmer’s Pie (Country Style Pie)

Farmer's Pie
A rustic pie that goes back to old traditions with typical ingredients like buckwheat and elderberry, this...

Bresaola with arugula and melon

Bresaola rucola e melone
Bresaola is one of the utmost flavours of Valtellina. This typical cold cut is made using exclusively...

Risotto with Valtellina porcini

An autumn walk in the woods of Valtellina in search of porcini mushrooms is essential...

Skiing in scenic Valmalenco

The ski resort of Valmalenco, side valley of Valtellina, with its 35 km of ski...

Bresaola-filled Ravioli

Bresaola, ricotta and buckwheat: typical Valtellina ingredients for a new and original recipe, easy to...

“All you can taste” in Valchiavenna

Fantastic news for all fans of Valtellina cuisine. Crotto Quartino in Chiavenna has decided to take...

The Valgella Road

The Valgella road is the fifth and last stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road. The routes of the...