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Basswood Honey Apicoltura Onetti P.

Basswood Honey [4 jars, 1 kg]

Basswood Honey
Taste: menthol, balsamic, very persistent and typical.
Color: from light yellow to dark yellow depending on the flowering.
Properties: sedative, calming, diuretic, digestive. Recommended for cough curing infusions and for cold-like symptoms, can also be used against insomnia and irritability.

Bombardino Pralines

TypeThree-pack of Bombardino dark chocolate pralines.

Dark chocolate (cocoa 53% min., sugar, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, , vanilla extract), Bombardino egg liqueur (fresh whole milk, sugar, rum, egg yolks, flavours). Exterior: emulsifier E476, chocolate cover min. 64% cocoa.


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Wildflower Honey

Millefiori (Wildflower)
Millefiori or Wildflower is any type of honey that has no preponderance of a specific flower.
Taste: delicate, without any particular aftertastes.
Color: from clear amber to darker shades.
Properties: contains all the good properties of low and medium mountain.
Production: the production of this honey occurs in the months of June and July in the apiaries of the Ceck and Valgerola regions.

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