21.8 C

Cylindrical soapstone bowl with copper

Type Cylindrical soapstone bowl with copper
Measurements 14x4,5 cm
Make Decorated soapstone

Grappa Sforzato Barrique

OriginValtellina Superiore Docg
MachineryDiscontinuous in two copper steamers, double boiler.
TypeGrappa fined in barriques (225 lt oak barrels) for 24 months.
Alcohol Content43% vol.


Fat bike in Valtellina

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Bitto Dop [500 gr vacuum packed]

CheeseBitto Dop
TextureCompact structure, with sparse holes in the shape of “Occhio di Pernice" (partrige’s eye); to the cut color presents variable from white to straw yellow, depending on ageing.
Preservation4/6° C
Organoleptic characteristicsSweet taste, delicate, an aroma that grows in intensity with ageing and eventual addition of goat milk.
FormCylindrical, diamenter 30-50 cm, height 8-12 cm


I Curnat
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The Sciatt of Valtellina: crispy balls of fried buckwheat with a tasty filling of melted cheese.
Ingredients for 4 people: buckwheat gr. 200 white flour gr. 100 Valtellina Casera cheese gr. 250 1 little glass of grappa sparkling...

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