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Sonia Cometti, project creator
Simona Cometti, communications manager
Luca Pecchi, website and IT

Born in Milan, Sonia and Simona spend their family vacations in Valtellina since they can remember, coming back to the origins of the Cometti family.

Simona moves permanently to Valtellina in 1995, now resides in Traona, while Sonia never stopped spending time in the valley at every chance she gets.

Sonia has been a businesswoman for over 20 years and she works in Milan; her deep knowledge of Valtellina combined with her professionalism have been the spark to start this project.

She chooses to partner up with Luca, who brings to the table great IT experience and an equally consistent web expertise, and Simona, who live the valley day-to-day.

With Sapore di Valtellina Sonia, Simona and Luca will show you the beauty, culture and quality of the local food and wine products; Valtellina, a territory that is no less beautiful and enviable than other well-known alpine locations like Valle d’Aosta or Trentino Alto Adige.

Follow us and discover a land of quality that many have yet to discover.

The Valgella Road

The Valgella road is the fifth and last stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road. The routes of the Wine Road follow one another on the Rhaetian coast...

Piagno – Erdona Ring in mountain bike

It takes approximately seven hours to complete the Piagno - Erdona Ring in mountain bike, the circuit links the two townships with a 1300 meters...

Mountain Windsurf

Mountain Windsurf Just a short distance from the Valtellina mountains, on Lake Como, you can practice and learn windsurf. The whole lake is equipped with small...