Valtellina launched its first 3D archery camp near Triangia’s small lake.

The initiative was promoted by Associazione Arcieri Rezia (Archery Association) which has been active in the valley since 1990, founded in Tirano by a group of sportsmen and enthusiasts.

The main goal for the Association has always been promoting and spreading the word to the public about archery which is considered a niche sport.

Moreover, like all association affiliated with CONI, youth activities and support for the disabled are strongly endorsed.


Archery divides into different specialties: country, indoor and 3D.

The association has always committed to divulge the sport through courses and events, making first level federal instructors and coaches available, offering specific training and instructions programs.


The 3D Camp, launched at the beginning of April, is located in the area of Triangia’s small lake and is reachable on foot through the path that starts at the lake moving east.

Along the 400 mt. of the course there are 24 areas equipped with three-dimensional targets in the shapes of big and small wild animals like bears, owls, hares and raccoons.

Every area was studied to put technique to the test as well as to guarantee fun also for spectators who can watch in complete safety.

All that’s left to do is take off to Triangia to enjoy a day surrounded by nature.



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