These sandwiches with bresaola and Bitto mousse are quick and easy to make, but they are delicious and spectacular to offer as finger food with an aperitif or for a rich flavour appetizer.

Even the ingredients, typical of Valtellina cuisine, are very respectable: genuine and tasty rye bread, bresaola as only Valtellina can do, and Bitto cheese as a mousse that brings out its unique flavour.

Ingredients for 4 canapés:

  • Rye sliced bread
  • 4 slices of bresaola
  • 100 gr. salted ricotta cheese
  • 30 gr. Bitto
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a touch of milk
  • a splash of grappa Schenatti
  • a few strands of chives


Start by preparing the Bitto mousse working the ricotta with salt and pepper. If you want to make it softer pass it through a fine sieve beforehand.

Now add grated Bitto, finely chopped chives, salt, pepper, grappa and, if the mixture feels too thick add a splash of milk.

Place the mouse in the refrigerator. In the meantime cut the bread in squares using metal cutters

Place the mousse in a pastry bag and spread it in bows on the canapés.

Decorate the canapés with bresaola and some chives.

Photo credit: SImona Cometti


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