Cantina Sesterzio

Cantina Sesterzio is a fairly new company but still retains all the old virtues of the region with a wish to get back the territory of the Valtellina superiore Maroggia sub-area and restart cultivation in approximately four hectares of terrace vines in the Municipality of Berbenno di Valtellina.

The owners took an approach that combines modernity with tradition and chose to concentrate on the production of the Maroggia wine, already originally produced by the family in their first vineyards and neglected by the majority of local manufacturers.

Cultivation and processing of the grapes are still almost completely done by hand with an eye towards environmental concerns and a will to restore the territory to its old conformation whilst innovating both quality of the wine and production technology.

Production, maturation and storage of the wines occur in 2000 meters of cellars divided on four floors.

Each floor houses a different type of production. The ambient is ventilated and kept at optimal temperatures exclusively thanks to the depth and conformation of the cellars.

The last cellar is situated 16 meters deep into the mountain, architecturally elegantly with cross-vaulted ceiling, allows for a natural fining of the wines.

The wines

The current sentiment is to produce few wines of high quality.

Three red wines are available: Gaudium, a basic wine with a Terrazze retiche di Sondrio recognition, a classic Sforzato and the Maroggia Valtellina superiore which is the spearhead of the company.

More experimental and innovative the Aurum IGP, an intriguing still white wine with Terrazze retiche di Sondrio recognition, and a sparkling wine produced with the classic Cuveé Sesterzio brut.

Both are rigorously produced using Nebbiolo grapes with a part of Rossola, a native vine variety that has almost completely disappeared.


The company is flanked by a beautiful Agritourism establishment composed of eleven comfortable rooms and a roomy dining room available for guided wine and food tastings but also perfect for meeting and banquets.


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