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Cantina Sesterzio

Cantina Sesterzio is a fairly new company but still retains all the old virtues of the region with a wish to get back the...
The initiative Adopts a vineyard

Not just food – Adopt a vineyard

“Adopt a vineyard” in Valtellina, an interesting and innovative initiative of a few local businessmen who developed the project to create a synergy between...
The taste of homemade butter.

Taste and quality for the commercial farm Stella Orobica

Quality and taste of hand-crafted butter produced in Albosaggia by Stella Orobica, a local commercial farm that still works with the tools farmers used...
Rugs Ruffoni Pezzotti typical and original

Ruffoni Pezzotti

Ruffoni Pezzotti is a family-owned company based in Morbegno, dedicated since 1935 to the artisanal weaving on wooden looms of the “pezzotti”, typical carpets...
The wines of Vini dei Giop from grapes grown in harmony with nature.

Dei Giop wines: quality and respect of nature

Gianluigi Rumo from Villa di Tirano, manufacturer of the Dei Giop Wines, is a perfect example of how in the last few years many...