21.6 C

Bresaola-filled Ravioli

Bresaola, ricotta and buckwheat: typical Valtellina ingredients for a new and original recipe, easy to make but rich and tasty. A caloric dish, rich taste...

Sassella flavoured Braised Meat

One of the excellent main dishes of Valtellina cuisine ideal for cold weathers. A strong flavour that gives its best savoured with buckwheat corn mush. Ingredients...

Bresaola canapés with Bitto mousse

These sandwiches with bresaola and Bitto mousse are quick and easy to make, but they are delicious and spectacular to offer as finger food...
Pizzoccheri e castagne, tutto il gusto dell'autunno

Pizzoccheri and chestnuts

This recipe is a little different from the traditional one but still uses typical ingredients of Valtellina. Especially the chestnuts that were once one...
Fagottini di pancetta su fonduta di Bitto

Pancetta dumplings on Bitto fondue

Pig breading is one of the many traditions of Valtellina families. In the past every family had at least one and produced their own homemade...
Tartellette con mousse di bresaola

Tartlets with bresaola mousse

A mid-season starter rich with the flavours of Valtellina. The pairing of buckwheat and Bresaola makes for a new experience for a drink with friends...
Pizzoccheri bolognesi

Pizzoccheri bolognesi

A twist on the original pizzoccheri recipe to add some variety to the local typicality. We wanted to try mixing with other elements of Italian...
Torta salata spinaci e Casera

Spinach and Casera Quiche

During the summer months, this savory pie is the perfect dish. You can serve it cold or you can grab it for a packed...

Potatoes with bacon and surprise.

Potatoes, Casera cheese and bacon. All ingredients of the Valley’s traditions for this innovative recipe. Potatoes have always been a basic for local cuisine. A...
I Curnat


Curnat or Cornat is a typical High Valtellina dessert. Like many recipes from the valley tradition this is a “poor man’s recipe”, basically unknown outside...


Bombardino Liqueur with eggs and rum 100 ml

Original Bombardino Liqueur with eggs and rum [6 bottles, 3000 ml]

TypeOriginal Bombardino Liqueur with eggs and rum
Alcohol Content17% vol.
ContentFresh whole milk, sugar, rum, fresh egg yolks (min. 11%), aromas
Apicoltura Onetti P. dried pollen

Dried Pollen [4 jars, 500 gr]

Dried Pollen Characteristics: Used by athletes to enhance endurance and fight fatigue and muscular strain, pollen is used during physical activity because of its high content of carbohydrates and lipids, but also as a source of proteins and essential amino acids, higher than the amount found in mean, eggs and cheese; this is why pollen has toning and anabolic properties for it contains 20 of the 22 amino acids utilized by the human body.

Casa La Gatta 2014 75 cl [6 bottles, 75 cl]

DenominationValtellina Superiore DOCG
Vine VarietyNebbiolo
Alcohol Content12,5% vol.
Fining18 months in oak barrels
Good to drinkNow until 2022

Valtellina Casera Dop 6 months

Cheese   Casera Dop
Texture  Medium-hard, elastic with sparse and generally small eyeholes; color can vary from white to straw yellow, depending on ageing.
Preservation  4/6° C
Organoleptic characteristicsSweet taste, delicate, an aroma that grows in intensity with ageing.
Form Cilindrica, diametro 30-45 cm, altezza 8-10 cm