Starting April 1st  at Colico’s Tourism office, for tourists and residents, Colico cards are available to completely enjoy all the leisure activities offered by the location, situated on the Como Lake.

The initiative is sponsored and supported by the Department of tourism of the Colico Municipality and by the Pro loco Colico for tourism foundation; the goal is to allow easy and low-cost access to leisure activities in the Municipality.

People from Valtellina can easily take advantage of the initiative. Colico is situated on the Como lake, a short distance from the valley and quickly reachable by car, train or bike and offers many opportunities for sports enthusiasts and tourists.

There’s three different types of cards, each designed for different recreational areas.


At the cost of 1 Euro allows entry in restaurants and bars with discounted prices to enjoy the local food and wine.


At the cost of 1 Euro guarantees shopping with discounts in the stores participating in the initiative.


At the cost of 2 Euros allows discounts in restaurants, bars and stores.

The cards are available at the Ufficio turistico di Colico (Tourism Office), they are not personal and will be valid until the end of 2016.



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