Have you already tried the Fat bike? These bikes, decidedly very different from classic bikes, are seen more and more in stores and are rapidly gaining ground in Italy.

What are they?

These bikes are the natural evolution of the mountain bike and their main characteristic is the Fat tires.

In fact, these new cycles mount tires 3.7” wider and larger circles of 44mm compared to traditional bikes.

What are the benefits?

If you have already tried to ride on the sand you know how difficult and tiring it can be. Almost impossible.

Those are the same conditions of driving a car off-road. On soft terrain the best solution is to decrease the tire pressure to increase the contact surface of the tires with the ground.

A larger surface area allows for better weight distribution, almost like “floating” on soft terrain.

Precisely because of this mountain bike enthusiasts, eager to be able to ride on any terrain and condition, thought to apply greater surface area to bicycle tires that allows to move on sand and snow.

These tires make the Fat bike so easy to handle that anyone who knows how to pedal use them, even children or inexperienced cyclists, allowing to face extreme trails but also pleasant family trips.

In Valtellina?

Valtellina, always attentive to tourism, is at the forefront with regard to this sport.

In Livigno you can try the Fat bike on the pedestrian line that runs for over 20 km along the entire country as well as a number of pleasant routes; Bormio and Santa Caterina with Fat Bike Paradise offer you a wide choice of excursions around the area and propose the Saturday night e-Bike for magical night trips.

Photo credit: Dusty J via Foter.com / CC BY


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