Legnone Brewery: A Refreshing Choice

The story of Legnone Brewery starts in 2012 when master brewer David Cesari moves to Valtellina bringing with him years of experimentations as homebrewer.

The company is composed of four partners, each with outlined jobs, experience and skills. Along with the brewer there’s a commercial partner, an accountant and an experienced businessman.

The choice to position the Brewery in Dubino stems from the vicinity of the water spring used to make the beer, absolutely fine, abundant, stable and characterized by a low count of total dissolved solids. In fact right where the brewery is today a now failed project to establish a company for water commercialization was supposed to set up shop.

This environmentally conscious vocation is the linchpin of Legnone’s beer production, the water doesn’t need chemical or physical corrections, gives absolute neutrality to the product and a higher quality

According to the partners artisanal beer must be produced as naturally as possible, respecting the product, the consumers and the environment; this is why it must not be filtered, pasteurized or chemically balanced, it must be produced using exclusively selected products like high quality barley malt and hops and, possibly, using sustainable energy. Legnone Brewery is one of the few manufacturers in Italy to produce both top and bottom-fermented beer, which allows for a vast range of beer styles.

In addition to the current production the brewery is studying recipes that are more in tune with the territory and its typical products, in particular mixing honey, blueberries, buckwheat and locally cultivated hops in the production, to make a beer that is more tied to the territory.

Constantly looking to improve the quality of the product and study new recipes, the Legnone Brewery addresses private consumers as well as professionals (food services, pubs, beer shops, etc.) and also produces on behalf of third parties with recipes provided by the client.



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