La Strada del Maroggia (Maroggia Road) is the first tract of Valtellina’s Wines Road.

The routes of the wines road wind along the Rhaetian flank of the the Alps crossina many areas where fine Valtellina wines are produced: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Valgella where you can appreciate both the views and the local traditions.

The Maroggia is a Valtellina Superiore DOCG denomination wine. A a full-bodied and sweet wine, ruby red color with garnet reflections. Its perfume is etheral, harmonic, velvety and well balancedly tannic. It obtained its denomination in 2002 and is produced in small quantities.

The Maroggia road lies on the sunny slope that unites the areas of Ardenno and Berbenno through forests of ancient chestnut trees, rural towns and large clearings.

Along the way you can admire monuments and unique landscapes.

The route can be covered on foot or by bicycle and runs for about 20 km.

Starting from Morbegno station turn left. After about hundred meters on the left you will find an underpass that leads to via Bottà. Proceed until you get to the Adda river and the historic arched bridge that you’ll have to cross.

Continue left until you find an uphill path on your right.

Proceed until you reach the Santa Croce and continue eastward towards Selvapiana.

Passed the Agriturismo La Pecora nera farmhouse compound you’ll reach Cerido. Continue straigh ahead to Dazio.

In the vicinity of Dazio continue for a stretch on the road heading towards the town center and the town cemetery, continuing towards Regolido.

Following the road you will find yourself at Case dei Baf where you’ll need to cross the Masino creek and the homonymous valley.

Once arrived at Ardenno‘s City Hall continue towards Fascendini and Gaggio heading towards Buglio in Monte.

From here you simply have to  follow the road touching the Maroggia hamlets, Monastery and Regoledo, to reach the town of Berbenno and its train station.

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