Adopt a vineyard” in Valtellina, an interesting and innovative initiative of a few local businessmen who developed the project to create a synergy between businesses and the wine production supply chain: winemakers, cellars and tourist operators.

A project that promotes interaction and collaboration, towards commercial development and safeguard of the territory and the culture of the valley, it tries to involve businesses into undertaking commercial projects that are also in favor of the community.

Tourist operators are in charge of offering commercialization of wine products, exploiting its potential and the peculiar characteristics; winemakers and wine cellars are encouraged to actively promote the survival of wine making and the safeguard of the territory.

Adopt a vineyard, enhance the value of the territory.

All operators are involved in maintaing and enhancing the value of the terracings, for which the UNESCO cultural heritage status has been requested, they are the foremost peculiarity of the district’s landscape and are, because of their structure, impossible to open to mechanization therefore keeping production costs high

The initiative started in Valgella, the most external and less known Docg zone of the superior Valtellina region (mark of controlled and guaranteed origin of produce and products), its production historically routed to Switzerland.

Self Regulation

The project makes provision for self regulation of the participants, it sums up the commitments of all entrepreneurial entities upon act of adopting a vineyard, with regard to the territory and all other parties involved.

Final goal

Concretely tourist operators are motivated to adopt a vineyard to publicize their role as promoters of winemakers and cellars to the end users, they can interact with other businesses in return for exclusive products and custom labels.

Photo by courtesy of Aldo Rainoldi Vini


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