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Testa di Malto

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StyleBohemian pilsner
AppearanceStraw yellow
Alcohol Content5,5% vol.
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Product Description

Production of handcrafted beer occurs in four macro phases:
In the coking are the barley malt, already ground, is poured in water where, in about two hours at temperatures between 47°C and  78°C, the starch in the barley transforms into fermentable sugars (maltose) and non- fermentable sugars (maltodestrine).
Afterwards the must is gravity filtered into the filter vat where the grains are washed until the desired level of sugar content for the specific beer is reached.
Steam boiling
The must is heated to 100°C for 90 minutes to be sterilized, this also allows for a tear down of unwanted proteins. Hops are added in different moments: the first phase will confer a bitter taste while the latter will give the aromas. Then the must is cooled and poured into the fermenters where yeasts are added.
The sugar in must is attacked by the yeasts and converted into alcohol and CO, both very useful. The type of yeast is chose based on the desired end-product and the yeasts-temperature combination created multiple organoleptic variants.
The best method to clarify the beer is cold and respect of the product’s own evolution time period.
Packaging and storing
To limit the oxidation as much as possible of the product the isobaric system is employed for casking and bottling.
The products are stocked according to type and the season in cellars at controlled temperatures.
Productivity of the brewery Birrificio Legnone.
The current production capability of the brewery is 120.000 Lt. per year and will be expanded to 360.000 Lt. augmenting the cellar’s capacity.

Additional Information

Geographical area of production

Region: Lombardia / Province: Sondrio / Municipality: Dubino

Alcohol Content

5,5 vol %






Stem Glass/Flute/Stangen

Tasting notes

Well balanced between a grassy and slightly floral aromatic level and a medium body tending to honey. A beer made for those who enjoy long drinks (malt heads, like the name of this beer suggests Testa di Malto), renews the fresh aroma of hops at every sip.

Food Pairings

Perfect match for the hand that holds the glass


Birrificio Legnone


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