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Apicoltura Onetti P. dried pollen

Dried Pollen [4 jars, 250 gr]

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Dried Pollen Characteristics: Used by athletes to enhance endurance and fight fatigue and muscular strain, pollen is used during physical activity because of its high content of carbohydrates and lipids, but also as a source of proteins and essential amino acids, higher than the amount found in mean, eggs and cheese; this is why pollen has toning and anabolic properties for it contains 20 of the 22 amino acids utilized by the human body.

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Pollen is considered by many the perfect food, because it contains the complete range of nutrients useful in life, pollen has always been used as a tonic thanks to its many properties. Like royal jelly and propolis, pollen is a hive product, however, unlike the other two substances, it is not processed directly by the bees but simply collected from the flowers to use it as a food for the worker bees and in the preparation of royal jelly for the queen bee. It is in fact one of the main ingredients in the diet of bees. Consisting of male germ cells of plants (the spermatophytes), it comes as a fine yellow or light brown powder. The worker bees, traveling from flower to flower, collecting pollen in special "baskets" placed on their legs. Some pollens are light, dry, and destined to be dispersed by the wind. These are responsible for the most common allergies or hay fever. Other pollens are heavier and sticky and disperse with difficulty so it is less likely they be source of allergies, they stick to the insects visiting the plants, like microscopic "hitchhikers,"as they are carried from plant to plant guaranteeing reproduction. Properties of Pollen Pollen is used in phytotherapy as a restorative because it’s nutritionally complete. Rich in proteins (6-30%), amino acids (15-22%); lipids (1-10%); unsaturated fatty acids and sterols; carbohydrates (up to 50% if dry); simple sugars (4-10%) ; water (12-20%); vitamins (vitamin C, A, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, B Vitamins); enzymes, hormones, antibiotic substances, minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc) and flavonoids. In the nucleus of its cell, the pollen enshrines the secret of life: DNA and RNA molecules that establish the vital functions of all living cells. Thanks to these substances pollen strengthens and nourishes the whole body, helps fight physical and psychological fatigue being an excellent adaptogen and antioxidant. Apicoltura Onetti P. Beekeepers. Located in Cosio, lower Valtellina. It was founded in 2002 as family beekeeping business dating back to the Eighties. Onetti P. is our go-to manufacturer for the sale of our beekeeping products (honey, pollen, wax). The love for the land and for the bees brought the family to develop the business by specializing and also dealing with the sale of equipment for beekeeping, herbal and organic food.

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Apicoltura Onetti P.


4 jars, 250 gr


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