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Soapstone applique lamp

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TypeSoapstone and copper applique lamp
Measures 80 cm
MakeHandmade decorated soapstone disks and copper support.

Product Description

Soapstone applique lamp, crafted with soapstone disks, copper support. Unique piece.
Floriana Palmieri’s Soapstone. Floriana Palmieri lives and works in Valtellina, a deep valley in Northern Italy bordering the Swiss Alps. Cross from the Val Malenco it is an irregular valley, dominated on top by small glaciers, well-known among mineral experts thanks to its richness of minerals. Up until now 153 minerals have been classified. Among the serpentinites formed in the Mesozoic era there’s a peculiar vein called soapstone (also known as steatite or soap rock), which is the base material for Floriana’s artistic works. The Italian word for soapstone is “ollare”, derived from the Latin “olla” meaning pot. In the past this grey-green rock was, in fact, used to manufacture pots and saucepans to cook and the same traditional lathing technique is still used today. In the course of her research for new forms and techniques Floriana Palmieri found and application for this traditional material in the field of home décor and ornamental arts. Artistic talent and professional abilities allow her to create unique pieces in her shop where incisions, bas reliefs and graffiti on the soapstone are exclusively handmade, using steel picks, special chisels and gouges. Combinations with other materials like titanium painted by electrolysis, mosaic, glass, terracotta, copper, silver, all stimulate a continuous research and make her works highly praised in Italy and internationally. Among the prizes won silver and gold medals at the Fiera Internazionale dell’Artigianato Artistico (International Artistic Crafts Fair in Firenze) Her creations are among those chosen to represent Italy at the Tokyo and Brisbane Expos and she has been selected by Artigianarte Lombardia for exhibitions in Tokyo, Anvers, Monza, Lubiana, Milan, Toronto, New York, Saint Petersburg, Buenos Aires and Berlin between 1993 and 2001.  

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg

80 cm


La Pietra Ollare di Floriana Palmieri


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