Stelvio National Park, precious haven of biodiversity, is one of our country’s oldest natural parks.

Founded in 1935 with the first attempts at preserving resources and the natural beauty of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range; to promote local tourism in the Alpine valleys of Lombardia, Trentino and Alto Adige, Italy’s largest protected area was born.

With its 135.000 hectares the park extends into four provinces (Sondrio, Brescia, Trento and Bolzano), including the territory of 24 municipalities.

The establishment of the Park as a protected area has allowed the preservation of a wide range of diverse ecosystems in a region that spreads from 650 to 3900 meters above sea level with huge height differences in the terrain.

Visitors can encounter the typical fauna of the area: ungulates such as deer, chamois and roe deer and rodents such as marmots, stoats, squirrels, foxes as well. Wolves, lynx and bears have also been spotted.

The Park is also visited by numerous species of birds: ptarmigans, coturnices, golden eagles and owls.

Their presence is made possible by meticulous preservation and reintroduction projects.

The protection operation also affect the flora. The park’s environment is dominated by conifers replaced at the higher heights by larch and pine. In addition to the large trees you can enjoy a wide variety of shrubs, bushes and flowers that find an exceptional habitat here.

In Valtellina you can access the protected area via the equally beautiful locations of Cancano, Braulio Valley, Val Zebru, Valley Of Ovens, Valle Del Gavia.

Info points in Bormio and Valfurva will provide all the information related to the trails and the beauty that you can see along the route; guided tours are also available, as well as workshops and activities aimed at a thorough understanding of this natural treasure.


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