Quality and taste of hand-crafted butter produced in Albosaggia by Stella Orobica, a local commercial farm that still works with the tools farmers used in the past, have been appreciated by magazine La Cucina Italiana in an article published on the 9th issue of September 20, 2015 titled “5 artigiani del cibo” (“5 artisans of food”).

The flavor of old-school craftsmanship.

Extremely appreciable choice of Giuliano Murada, descendant of a local family of farmers and breeders, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors all the way, breeding the family’s cows, dapple red breed, in free mountain pasture.

The family farm in Albosaggia produces typical cheeses of the valley and a precious butter derived from raw cream beated with the old tools of the trade like the wooden churns that give the produce a very typical stripe pattern.

A portion of the commercial farm has been made into an outlet where more other products, like meats, wines and preserves, are sold

It’s no surprise that this farm has obtained the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellency in 2015.

Not just Stella Orobica

To allow tourist the possibility of getting to know other typical realities of the territory, the owners have decided to sell products from nearby colleagues so that anyone could appreciate the flavors of the land.

A day in the sun and a hike are ideal conditions to visit the farm, Giuliano Murada and his family will be more than pleased to welcome you.


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