The Grumello road is the third stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road.

The routes of the Wine Road follow one another on the Rhaetian coast of the Valtellina Alps, crossing areas of production of the fine wines of the region: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Valgella and allow a full immersion into the local views and traditions.

The Grumello is a Valtellina Superiore DOCG denomination. It is a full-bodied and sweet wine, ruby red colored with garnet reflections. It has a dry and velvety, subtle but intense scent, very characteristic, that improves with aging to which it is well suited.

The Grumello road winds from the centre of Sondrio towards the half coast to wind back down towards the town or go on to reach the road of other wines like Inferno and Valgella. This wine takes its name from the castle that looks over the valley

Along the route you can admire monuments and views unique to Valtellina and Valmalenco.

The stretch is accessible to bikes and great for hiking on foot, winding for about 14 kilometers.

Starting from the old neighborhoods of Sondrio, the typical Scarpatetti area, up to the Masegra Castle.

Scarpatetti ha spreserved the same appearance during the course of the centuries and every restoration on the building has been made trying to keep the spirit of these places intact.

By the entrance in Valmalenco you can reach the Masegra Castle, perfect example of medieval architecture that survived the dismantling of the area’s fortresses perpetrated by the Grigioni family in 1639.

Continuing to the Ponchiera suburb, you’ll move forward into Valmalenco and enjoy the view of the first vineyards moving on until the Scherini area, the highest point of this route.

Past the last houses the road becomes unpaved and ventures into the green.

You are progressing on the route that the tenants run through every day to take care of their valuable crops.

Surrounded by terraced vineyards your eyes will stretch across the valley while behind you there’s the majestic peaks of the Bernina group.

Proceeding you can descend to Sondrio or continue to Montagna in Valtellina, admire the Castel Grumello, and head to the Inferno and Valgella production areas.

Photo credit: Michele Testini via / CC BY-ND


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