The Inferno Road is the fourth stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road.

The routes of the Wine Road follow one another on the Rhaetian coast of the Valtellina Alps, crossing areas of production of the fine wines of the region: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Valgella and allow a full immersion into the local views and traditions.

TheInferno is a Valtellina Superiore DOCG denomination. A full-bodied and sweet wine, ruby red in color with garnet reflections. The taste is dry, slightly tannic, velvety and with a subtle fragrance, pleasant and persistent.

The area probably owes its particular designation to the characteristic roughness of the terrain and the high temperatures reached in the summer because of the large presence of rocks that absorb the heat from the sun. it is the smallest of the four sub-zones of Valtellina Superiore DOCG.

The Inferno Road goes from the bottom of the valley, zigzagging steeply up the mountain, passing through the rough terrain of vineyards cultivated with Nebbiolo and continuing hillside across the towns, between wonderful natural views and ancient signs of human presence, like the Church of the Madonna del Carmine ( XVII century) or San Fedele (XVI century) in Poggiridenti, the Holy House of Loreto (XVII century) and the rock and the Oratorio del Calvario in Tresivio.

Proceeding you can reach the ancient village of Ponte in Valtellina. In its rich historical center you can admire the ancient Church of San Gregorio (XVI century).

Finally you reach Chiuro where the narrow streets of the old town wind through the contrasting opulence of the palaces and the simplicity of the rural houses.

The route can be covered on foot or by bicycle and runs for about 13 km.


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