The Sassella road is the second stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road.

The routes of the Wine Road follow one another on the Rhaetian coast of the Valtellina Alps, crossing areas of production of the fine wines of the region: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Valgella and allow a full immersion into the local views and traditions.

Sassella wine is a Valtellina Superiore DOCG de nomination and probably derives the name from the small Church of the same name. It is a dry wine, harmonious and slightly tannic, of ruby red color with garnet. Its flavor is intense and persistent. The aroma has pleasant notes of wild rose, violet, raspberry and ethereal oak.

The Sassella road winds west of Sondrio, between the Municipality of Castione Andevenno and the great knoll that stands before the town.

Along the way you can admire monuments and unique landscapes.

The route can be covered on foot or by bike and runs for about 25 km.

Starting from Andevenno, the last bend of the Via Roma, take the road on the right and head towards Sondrio. There you’ll soon meet the delightful eighteenth-century churches of St. Rocco, built on the ruins of the ancient Castello del Leone, and St. Martino.

The route climbs up to the Grigioni village, where the famous Grisun wine is produced, then proceeds reaching a fabulous flowered valley overlooking the fortress of Sassella.

Further on we reach a series of small settlements that offer unique views and landscapes until arriving at Triangia hill, 800 meters high. One kilometer north of the village you can admire the Triangia lake, ideal for a stopover or a picnic, and where, in the summer, you can go fishing.

Continuing down towards Sondrio crossing the countries of St. Anna and Mossini, from which you can admire the peaks of the Adamello, the Aprica valley and the Tower of Teglio to the east, while to the west the view extends to mount Legnone on lake Como.

Photo credit: Simona Cometti


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