The Valgella road is the fifth and last stretch of Valtellina’s Wine Road.

The routes of the Wine Road follow one another on the Rhaetian coast of the Valtellina Alps, crossing areas of production of the fine wines of the region: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Valgella and allow a full immersion into the local views and traditions.

The Valgella is a Valtellina Superiore DOCG denomination. A wine with an ethereal and delicate perfume, its taste is dry, harmonious, soft and round. Ruby red in color, tending to garnet differs from other Valtellina wines for the higher initial softness. Valgella, very valuable as a young wine, still has a good capacity for aging.

The production area is the largest of the five DOCG Valtellina Superiore subzones, located in the municipalities of Chiuro and Teglio, northeast of Sondrio. In the past this red was mostly exported to neighboring Switzerland.

Down the Valgella road you will find petroglyphs (rock carvings), buckwheat crops and ancient noble palaces.

The route can be covered on foot or by bike and runs for about 22 km.

Starting from the village of Tresenda from which you climb with a slight gradient towards the plateau of Teglio (home of the typical pizzoccheri). Here, in addition to taste the fabulous world-renowned pizzoccheri, you can visit the ancient medieval tower De li Beli Miri and the Church of Sant’Antonio. This is also the highest point of the route. then you proceed downhill towards the valley through hundreds of hectares of terraced vineyards.

Along the route, on the Quigna farm road that starts from Tresenda, you reach the town of Caven where in 1940 three stems attributable to Camuni (the ancient civilization that lived here in the past) were found.

In the following years several rock carvings were discovered dating back to the late Neolithic, still visible today.

Once arrived in the valley you can return home enriched by the scents and views related to the production of fine wines of Valtellina.

Photo credit: lucamascaro via / CC BY-SA


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