If you travel to Valtellina looking for strong emotions you just have to try rafting.

Rafting is a sports activity that was originally born for pure entertainment and subsequently became a CONI recognized sports discipline.

Rafting is practiced with special rafts, a big dinghy made of very resilient materials. These rafts are self-emptying and made to be unsinkable.

The rafts can hold crews of four to eight rowers. Generally some of these rowers are expert rafters while the others can easily enjoy the experience without ever having set foot on a dinghy.

This sport takes place on river rapids. Windy slopes that incite adrenaline rushes alternating with calmer stretches during which you can admire the beautiful mountain panorama.

As much as non experts can take up rafting it is always best to be adequately equipped with helmets, safety vests and neoprene suits to shield the body in case of falls as well as ropes to aid in case a rower falls in the water.

Competitive Rafting.

This sport is currently divided into four different specialties: Downriver, courses vary in length up to more than 40 minutes; Sprint, a sprint race on short courses; Head to head has two raft competing at the same time on short courses; and Slalom, on 400 meters courses evaluating the technical abilities of the athletes.

Every year FIRaft, the Italian Rafting Federation organized the national championship. International competitions are organized by the IRF, International Rafting Federation.

A day of rafting in Valtellina.

This sport has become extremely popular in alpine regions and this includes our Valtellina.

The valley is crossed by the Adda river and its windy course offers numerous stretches that are perfect for rafting. Along the course of the river you can find many associations that allow amateur descends in complete security, fun is guaranteed for adults and families alike.

At the end of such a rollercoaster experience nothing will be more satisfying than a taste of traditional foods and wines offered by this flavors-rich valley.

Photo credit: pthread1981 via Foter.com / CC BY


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