Visiting the Vertemate Franchi Palace in Prosto di Piuro means re living the atmosphere of sixteenth-century Valchiavenna.

Historical Value

The Vertemate family has been in Valchiavenna since 1217, at the time of the conflict between Como and Milano, when Ruggero Vertemate was sent to Piuro as podestà (mayor).

During the second half of the sixteenth century brothers Luigi and Guglielmo had the palace built as representative residence, an alternative to the residence in Piuro.

The family, traders of silk and soapstone, welcomed esteemed business personalities in the palace, also organized parties and receptions.

In 1618 the residential home and almost all the members of the family were buried under the landslide that destroyed Piuro.

Only the representative palace was spared thanks to its decentralized position.

The last member of the family died in 1879. After some vicissitudes the residence became property of the Chiavenna Municipality in 1987, which is now committed to promote this precious asset.

The Palace

An elegant and sober exterior for a building that hides refined furniture on the inside, precious decorations and frescos, walls and ceilings entirely covered with engraved wood.

Annexed to the main building there’s a small Church, Chiesetta dell’Incoronata and some service buildings.

The Garden

30.000 square meters of green facing the façade of the complex, in part used as vegetable garden and orchard and partly composed in a fine Italian style garden while in the back there’s a chestnut wood.

Often during the summer the garden hosts concerts and entertaimnent, events that are enhanced by the magnificent natural frame.

Photo credit: Consorzio turistico Valchiavenna


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